Working Together


Urban Connections

Urban Connections is an effort by the Forest Service Eastern Region to engage and build relationships with our urban neighbors. Our aim is to bridge the gaps between rural communities and city dwellers, and involve underrepresented urban audiences in Forest Service activities. Urban Connections also aims to build on existing urban outreach efforts of Eastern national forests and connect to other urban involvement, education, research and development work in the East, South and throughout the Forest Service and U.S.  For more information visit the Urban Connections Program web site.

USDA Agencies Support North Shore Coastal Forest Restoration

Through the Joint Chiefs’ Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Partnership in northeast Minnesota (MN), the USDA Forest Service (FS) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are investing funds and technical expertise to support ongoing efforts to restore and protect forest health, maintain clean water, and improve wildlife habitat in the MN North Shore Coastal Forest.