Forest Service, Tribal leaders hold cultural products workshop on POW

Tongass staff participated in a workshop on the cultural importance of forest resources to indigenous people, seeking to create a process by which cultural trees could be set aside.

Tongass staff support COVID-19 vaccination efforts

Two Tongass National Forest employees responded to a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) emergency request in February to support the National COVID Vaccination efforts in Oakland, CA.

2020 Together Tree harvested, decorated by Petersburg community

For the fourth consecutive year the Tongass NF, Alaska Native peoples, local communities, U.S. Coast Guard, and the State of Alaska provided the Together Tree to the Alaska Governor.

Just for Kids

Imagine a coastal rainforest, wet, mossy, teeming with life, and intact. Pull on your rubber boots, we are going on a hike to get to know the Tongass National Forest.

Virtual archeology provides educational, personal experience for Kake youth

This summer, zone archaeologists from Petersburg and Wrangell Ranger Districts accomplished a fun and interactive project in the native village of Kake - from a distance.

World War II “Ghost” culvert no longer haunts Yakutat

Forest Service fish and watershed crews considered themselves “Ghost Busters” when they set out to restore hydrologic function and aquatic organism passage this summer.  

Drive-in away the social distancing blues at the MGVC

Summer didn’t bring the usual swell of tourists to view the Mendenhall Glacier, but the visitor center parking lot has still been packed for a different attraction: Drive-in lectures and movies.

Tongass engineers improve vehicle, fish travel

Tongass National Forest engineers recently worked with southeast area contractors to install two new bridges, one in Hoonah and one on Prince of Wales Island

Hoonah timber company receives USDA grant for climate controlled work spaces

Icy Straits Lumber and Milling Inc. in Hoonah exclusively uses wood from the Tongass National Forest.

Current, past Tongass employees essential to Cordilleran Ice Sheet research

The goal of the project was to reconstruct extent and retreat history of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet in Southeast Alaska since the last Ice Age, which ended about 20,000 years ago. 

Results of air quality monitoring at Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center

“While there are seasonal differences attributed to visitation, the air quality is rated as ‘good’ for visitors, staff, and biota,” said Stichert.

Forest Service grant helps bring biomass-fueled heating facility to Hoonah

Turning away from diesel to use a local wood fuel source, numerous buildings in the rural city of Hoonah are going to be heated by a new biomass facility, which now has funding for design.

2018 Ward Lake Outdoor School Week

Ward Lake Outdoor School Week was a grand success, teaching approximately 200 fifth and sixth grade students from seven different Ketchikan schools about the Forest using outdoor activities

10,000 years of Prince of Wales history available today

Forest Service archaeologists conducted important work on POW, which helped explain how people adapted to the environment over the last 10,000 years. 

Lena Beach upgrades continue, remain on schedule

Lena Beach, a USDA Forest Service managed recreation area, is in its final phase of improvements, slated to be completed this summer.

Margaret Creek survey completed, work soon to begin

Ketchikan Misty Fjords Ranger Distirct employees prepare for Phase 1 of the Margarete Creek Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Project.


Forest Service helps heat Hydaburg schools, support local jobs with biomass

The community of Hydaburg held a ribbon cutting for their newly installed biomass cordwood boiler on March 4, 2020, completing a project that has been in process for some time.

Angoon YCC crew starts season off on the Kanalku Trail Project

The first trip of the 2019 season, and for many their first backpacking/camping trip, was the Kanalku Trail Project. The crew was dropped by boat at the Kanalku fish camp.

Forest Service, Ketchikan Indian Community to cooperate on South Revilla Project

The Tongass National Forest and Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on November 18, 2019.

Hoonah Native Forest Partnership (HNFP) Team restores Spasski Creek

In June, the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership (HNFP) successfully restored 300 meters of Spasski Creek, a priority watershed.

Forest Service, partners address barriers to youth employment in Yakutat

Yakutat youth had the opportunity to go on a hike along a fishing access trail, visit a stream to learn about fish habitat, practice fly casting, tie flies, and even dissect a squid. 

Beautifying Sitka on Earth Day

The Sitka Ranger District and Sitka Supervisors Office teamed up to beautify public lands in honor of Earth Day. 

A fallen tree given new life supporting recreation, honoring employee

Using a yellow cedar log from the forest, Sitka-based artist and small-business owner Zach LaPerriere crafted a memorial bench honoring John Sherrod, a long-time Forest Service employee.

Stream Habitat Assessment Crew Training in Hydaburg

Eight people from Hydaburg completed stream habitat assessment training on May 11 put on by Kai Environmental, Hydaburg Cooperative Association, the Forest Service and Spruce Root. 

Young Growth Story Map

This story map will provide stand-level inventory data and information for decision makers and stakeholders in the Alaska region. 

Net Zero – Putting sustainability first in the Last Frontier

Net Zero is defined as the state when our business operations are in balance with our environment, resulting in zero net consumption. 

Smokey Bear, Tongass staff join Women in Safe Homes for Ward Lake family night

Ketchikan Misty Fiords Ranger District employees and Smokey Bear participated in the Women in Safe Homes (WISH) safety-themed family night at Ward Lake in August.

Voices of the Wilderness

A unique residency opportunity in the Alaskan wilderness for artists.

Ecological team recently spent three weeks collecting soil, vegetation data

This year’s work caps off three successive years of inventory work on Price of Wales Island to update soil maps to aid in young-growth management.

Tongass staff, partners restore Spasski Creek by hand

“We made incredible progress on the stream restoration and installed eight structures that are going to be very beneficial to that tributary.” - Ian Johnson. 

Anan Wildlife Observatory event recognizes safety, access improvements

FS leadership, the WCA Tribal Government, the Wrangell Borough, and Wrangell Chamber of Commerce gather recognize recent improvements to the Anan Wildlife Observatory

KMRD, KRAC, and SCA students deliver first of forty new picnic tables

Ketchikan Misty Fiords Ranger District, in cooperation with the KRAC and SCA have completed assembly and delivery of the first new picnic table at Signla Creek Campground.

Juneau artist Sharron Lobaugh honored at Mendenhall Glacier

Family of the late artist Sharron Lobaugh gathered at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center to remember the long-time Juneau artist who donated her artwork for the 2017 season pass.

Fish, fun in Kake for 20th annual kids’ derby

More than 100 kids attended the 20th annual Kake Kids’ Fishing Derby on July 1, 2017. 

Tongass Cuts into the National Saw Policy to prepare for summer

In April and May the Hoonah, Juneau, and Yakutat Ranger Districts trained & certified employees, NCC Crews, and Trail Mix Inc. persons on power saw use.


Building a pool, increasing salmon yield in Lena Beach

The temporary repair is meant to hold until the permanent restoration work begins, scheduled for 2018 under the Lena Beach Renovation Project.

River rangers protect people, wildlife, habitat on the Situk

River rangers bring conservation education to people by sharing conservation knowledge and a culture of stewardship with Situk river users.

Forest Service, community start Tlingit potato garden

Forest Service staff, students, and community members, gathered at the Sitka Ranger Distict April 14, to plant Tlingit potatoes—kunz, in Tlingit.

Sawyers remove hazard trees with traditional tools, skills

In April, fifteen people, mostly Forest Service employees and a pair from the non-profit group Trail mix, received cross-cut saw certifications at all levels.

Ribbon cutting ceremony opens Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center’s new bookstore

The bookstore will be open year round. Strengthening the connection to the Juneau community is the greatest benefit of bringing in their new partner, Discovery Southeast.

Tongass Ranger receives 2017 Tongass Collaborative Stewardship Group award

ANGOON, Alaska – Admiralty Island National Monument and Hoonah Ranger District Ranger Chad VanOrmer received the 2017 Tongass Collaborative Stewardship Group award, on February 8, 2017.

Southeast Alaska Discovery Center dedicates theater, new Peratrovich exhibit

The little-known story of Elizabeth Peratrovich and her fight against racism in Alaska will now be shared with many of the million-plus visitors who arrive in Ketchikan each summer. 

University students, AmeriCorps NCC volunteers help the Tongass

At the end of March, dozens of excited and energetic volunteers arrived in Southeast Alaska, ready to get involved in the hands-on work of managing their national forest lands.

2017 Hummingbird Art Show Schedule

The petite but mighty Rufous Hummingbird is the mascot of the festival. Join us in welcoming this pennyweight flyer and other migratory birds back to Ketchikan, Alaska.*