Forest Service Requests Relief for Communities

Updated: October 21, 2019 - Stipulation to Modify Injunction

Last month USDA Forest Service received an order from the United States District Court for the District of Arizona stating that the agency's "timber management" actions must cease on six national forests in Arizona and New Mexico pending formal consultation regarding potential effects to the Mexican spotted owl. The Court quickly responded to the request to modify the order and allowed the cutting and collection of fuelwood, which both the plaintiff and the Forest Service supported.

We have requested the court either modify or further clarify its September order.

Salt River Horses


Lab results tested positive for Strangles in some Salt River Horses.  While not contagious to humans, it is very contagious to horses.  Horseback riders may want to consider riding in other locations on the Tonto National Forest. 

For questions regarding the horses contact Jacquelyn Hughes, Arizona Salt River Horse Liaison at (602) 542-0942. 

The Forest Service has entered into an agreement to work cooperatively with the State Department of Agriculture regarding the Salt River Horses. 

Celebrating 75 Years of a Beloved Fire-Prevention Icon

Here in the Southwestern Region, we feel a particularly close connection to Smokey Bear and his message of fire-prevention. We are the home of the orphaned black bear cub that would become a living symbol. While we celebrate 75 years of Smokey Bear as an integral part of the nation’s popular culture, let’s take a look back at his captivating story!

Travel Management Plan - Released Draft SEIS

Tonto officials have released a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) to address responses resulting from the Forest’s 2016 Final Travel Management EIS and associated Draft Record of Decision (ROD).