Tonto National Forest Authorizes Resolution Copper to Begin Collecting Data

On August 22, 2016, Forest Supervisor Neil Bosworth signed the Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact allowing Resolution Copper to begin collecting data for a proposed tailings storage facility.

Tonto National Forest Releases Travel Management Draft Decision

On June 10, Tonto National Forest released draft decision for Travel Management, which designates roads, trails, and areas for motorized use, as well as prohibits general cross-country travel.

Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange Environmental Impact Statement

More information about this project is available online at the Resolution Copper website.

Employee reaches out to her past

Nanebah Nez (Noni) Tonto National Forest Archaeologist recently had the rare opportunity to see and touch a rug created by her great-great-great grandmother.

Death Traps For Birds

Death Pipes are everywhere. Any open top vertical pipe is a death trap to birds and other wildlife.

This is an invisible problem. Unlike birds colliding with buildings, windows or other structures where they remain visible and obvious to people, birds, trapped in pipes end up dying a slow death completely unnoticed in sewer systems, septic tanks and other hidden locations.

This is a widespread problem that kills millions of birds and one that individuals can work to solve with little cost and effort.

One Less Spark, One Less Fire

It only takes one spark on dry grass, leaves, branches or pine needles to start a wildfire.  Chainsaws, dragging trailer safety chains, carelessly tossed cigarettes, fireworks, abandoned campfires, and discharge of firearms are all known causes of wildfire.  Help prevent wildfires by reducing the risk of even one spark.

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