Collaboration & Public Involvement

We Need Your Help

Effective public participation is the key to success for a large project like the Four Forest Restoration Initiative. Public participation promotes better decisions and greater understanding of those decisions. The Forest Supervisors of the Coconino, Kaibab, Tonto and Apache-Sitgreaves national forests are committed to providing opportunities for public participation that exceed the minimum required by NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act).

We want to work with you in an open, collaborative manner. Please let us know your ideas and how you would like to interact with us as we move through the environmental analysis process. You may contact us via email or you can comment online.    

"I have lived in Arizona my whole life. These landscapes and the people around me have shaped the person I am today. I want to do better for our natural resources. We have all the tools we need at our disposal. Now is our opportunity to effect positive change across this landscape."

-- Henry Provencio, 4FRI Team Leader

A sea of dead ponderosa pine trees stand in the aftermath of the Schultz Fire on Coconino NF.

Four Forest Restoration Initiative Logo with Arizona state map with tree symbolos

4FRI Stakeholder Group Logo

A firefighter uses a drip torch during a prescribed burn on Coconino National Forest.

"Many of our forest and grassland ecosystems are so out-of-whack that they can't respond to natural processes, such as fire or drought, in a resilient manner. By implementing 4FRI, we have a chance to restore these ecosystems to healthy conditions so they have a chance to survive, while showing other folks that it CAN be done." -- Mary Lata, 4FRI Fire Ecologist