Forest Products Permits


  • Berries picked for personal use do not require a permit



Information to Know:

  • Permits are required for collecting personnal use firewood.
  • Permits are NOT required for firewood use on National Forest System lands, e.g. campfires when at campgrounds or dispersed camping.
  • These permits are not intended for commercial use/selling of firewood.
  • You must obtain a permit in person, no on-line or over the phone sales are available. Please bring:
    • Fuelwood/Firewood Permit (pdf) - print, fill out and bring with you
    • Third Party Authorizaton form (pdf) - if you are authorizing another person, such as your spouse, to purchase the fuelwood permit in your name - print, fill out and send this and the fuelwood permit with the person purchasing for you.
  • Some areas of the Forest are closed to firewood cutting. Please review the map (pdf) prior to purchasing a permit to ensure where you want to cut is open to cutting.
  • Additional fuelwood gathering information (back of map - pdf)



  • $20.00 - 3.2 ccf (4 cords)
  • $25.00 - 4.0 ccf (5 cords)
  • $30.00 - 4.8 ccf (6 cords)
  • $35.00 - 5.6 ccf (7 cords)
  • $40.00 - 6.4 ccf (8 cords)
  • $45.00 - 7.2 ccf (9 cords)
  • $50.00 - 8.0 ccf (10 cords)

Make checks payable to: USDA Forest Service


Time Period:

  • Permits are good from date of purchase to September 30 of that calendar year.


For More Information:

Contact one of our offices.