Parents & Teachers

The Forest Service is committed to providing students, parents and teachers with youth-oriented information and resources related to natural resources and the environment. Our Agency wants to encourage more kids to go outdoors by having fun, being healthy and learning more about nature.

This can instill kids to create an awareness of the value of public lands by connecting kids with nature and the outdoors, as well as enthusiastically participate in physical activities.

Forest Service Kids

Forest Service Kids website for online resources that will help in the process.

USDA Youth Geared Information

USDA provides students, parents, and teachers with youth-geared information related to agriculture resources.  


Conservation Education

The Conservation Education program (CE) helps people of all ages understand and appreciate our country's natural resources -- and learn how to conserve those resources for future generations. Through structured educational experiences and activities targeted to varying age groups and populations, conservation education enables people to realize how natural resources and ecosystems affect each other and how resources can be used wisely.