Apalachicola National Forest

Clear LakeForest LakeFort GadsdenHickory LandingBikers on Munson Off-Road Bike TrailRed-cockaded WoodpeckerVolunteers at Wakula Wildlife FestWestern Striped Newt

Some recreation areas on the Apalachicola National Forest remain closed because of impacts from Hurricane Michael and COVID-19. Please check the Recreation Conditions Report to see if your favorite area is open.

The Apalachicola National Forest is home to some of the most unique animal and plant species in the world. Here, visitors can enjoy safe, family-friendly activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking and trail riding while surrounded by tranquil, diverse ecosystems.


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Get to Know Your Apalachicola National Forest

Tips on how to make your visit to our National Forest more enjoyable.

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Woodworker Handcrafts Signs for Fort Gadsden

Dave Pontis constructing signage for Fort Gadsden

British Fort/Fort Gadsden, a National Historic Landmark, is a shinning example of volunteerism at its best! (Photos)

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