History & Culture

High Uinta Wilderness Cultural Resources

The High Uintas Wilderness contains remnants of both historic and prehistoric human activities that are considered valued cultural resources. Old cabins and salt houses, Indian artifacts, Spanish tree markings, tie hack tools, and equipment remaining from dam construction and even the dams themselves are all protected under Federal law. These vestiges of the past add an interesting dimension to the wilderness experience that is recognized by the Wilderness Act.


History of the Forest

The history of the Ashley National Forest is a colorful parade of trappers, explorers, outlaws, and settlers. Their deeds and lives create a colorful and interesting picture in the development of this area.


The Ashley’s Heritage Program endeavors to conserve and understand the traces, shadows and stories of America’s human past. As they travel through time, forest visitors make a personal connection with the past, sense the diversity of the human experience, and begin to understand the fundamental relationship between the people and the land.

Key Contacts

Jeffrey A. Rust