Jobs that are moving land management into the future!

The Apache Sitgreaves National Forests accomplish the mission of caring for the land and serving people with about both full-time and seasonal employees, as well as workers from other special employment and volunteer programs. Duties vary widely and there are opportunities for people with different types of skills and abilities, ranging from the physically challenging job of fighting fires to office jobs.

Some jobs require scientific knowledge such as: wildlife biology, archeology, hydrology, geology, ecology, administrative and computer technologies. Other positions just require a spirit of cooperation and a willingness and ability to learn on-the-job.

Interested in working for the Forest Service? We offer a variety of opportunities ranging from student programs to volunteer programs, and full time and temporary employment for people with skills in several areas. Join a workforce with purpose! Apply on USAJOBS.

  • Permanent Jobs

    USDA Forest Service employee around cut timber

    Our extraordinary diversity of occupations and locations provide you with many opportunities! Learn how to apply for a Forest Service job, including finding position outreaches, using USAJobs, writing a federal resume, webinars, and more.

  • Seasonal Jobs

    seasonal workers on a mountainside

    Seasonal or temporary positions are a great way to start a lifelong Forest Service career. Opportunities include wildland fire, timber, recreation, archeology, wildlife, customer service, and more! Seasonal employees generally start working spring through fall.

  • Fire Hire

    Chantel Herrick pile burning at the Kaibab National Forest

    Each year we hire permanent wildland fire positions during our Fire Hire event, usually in September or early October. Explore opportunities to work with us as a part of our wildland firefighting community!

  • Pathways Programs

    R3 Santa Fe NF District Range Management Specialist Jacob Archuleta (blue helmet) and James Munoz

    Pathways Programs provide paid federal government employment opportunities for high school students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and recent graduates.

  • Young People

    Hopi Youth Springs Project

    The Forest Service has multiple opportunities for young people, including Job Corps, Youth Conservation Corps, the Resource Assistants Program, and more.

  • Volunteering

    Volunteers make significant contributions to the legacy of conservation for future generations. Contact your National Forest or follow the link below to find out more.