Bark Beetle Safety

Watch Out! Trees Fall Without Warning

Fallen tree near tent

The forests remain a great place to experience the outdoors, but you must exercise caution and know what to look for when you go camping and hiking. Many live, dead or red trees can fall without warning because their roots are too shallow to hold them up. Please follow the “Watch Out!” guidelines to reduce your risk and share these guidelines with your family and friends who also like to enjoy the forests.

Be safe in the forest and remember to:

  • Look up, look down, look all around when you park your car, pitch your tent, or plan your hike
  • Check the weather forecast – winds can increase the risk of trees falling
  • Make sure to tell someone where you are camping, hiking, etc. and when you expect to return
  • Dress for changing weather and be sure to carry a map, compass, or other items that will help you find your way


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