Forest Products Permits

Permits are available for firewoodtree transplants, and slate. Permits are also available for pine cones, rocks, berries, and mushrooms.  

Christmas Tree Permits are available seasonally.  More information can be found at 

You need a permit for each tree you cut. Each permit costs $10 and can be purchased at local Forest Service offices, some local businesses, or online. A maximum of 5 permits may be purchased per household. 

Your tree is for personal use only and is not to be sold. All tree permits expire December 31 of the year purchased.  The Forest does not refund money for unused permits.


Christmas Tree Permits

Christmas Tree Permits are available through December 31 to cut down your own ponderosa pine, spruce, or juniper tree for the holiday season.  Christmas Trees can be purchased on at: - Learn more at:

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Popular Forest Products

Firewood permits, transplant trees, and slate are available with a permit. 

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