Other Permits

Non-Commercial Special Use Permit

According to forest regulations, certain group gatherings require a special use permit for use of National Forest System lands.  A ‘non-commercial’ use is any activity where an entry or participation fee is not charged, and the primary purpose is not the sale of goods or services.  Some examples of non-commercial group uses are weddings, church services, endurance rides, regattas, camping trips, hikes, music festivals, and graduations. 

Road Use Permit

Application for a Road Use Permit, FS-7700-40 must be submitted along with a map designating the route needed. Information must include name, address, and phone number of the permitee, with a description, road number of the roads to be used, material to be hauled, approximately how many loads and dates hauling.

Download FS-7700-40, Application for Road Use Permit (34 KB word doc)