Parents & Teachers

The Boise National Forest offers a Tree Trunk and Wilderness Box to help you teach about forest plants, animals, and management. The wide range of materials in each box appeal to many grade levels. Here's an idea of what these kits contain:


Tree Trunk

Discover subtle differences in cones, leaves and twigs using the samples in the trunk. Tree cross-sections show the inside of a tree; use Project Learning Tree activity (included) to help students analyze annual growth rings. Books and posters provide additional background information for teachers and students. Watch the video The Man Who Planted Trees to hear of one man's ancient kinship with the Earth. Listen to songs about photosynthesis, decomposition, and plant parts sung by the Banana Slug String Band and Billy B. Read Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf aloud to students. Find ideas for lessons in Ranger Rick's Naturescope, The Green Scene Guide, or Project Learning Tree activity samples.


Wilderness Box

The Wilderness Box and the Wilderness and Land Ethic Activity Book were designed to provide an interactive resource to promote awareness and appreciation of wilderness. Watch the Wild By Law video for a 50 minute overview of the wilderness movement leading up to the 1964 Wilderness Act. Use hand puppets to learn about mammals common to many wilderness areas. Compare the skulls of herbivores and carnivores. Practice simple map and compass skills. View photos of pristine areas in Idaho Magnificent Wilderness. Act out the Impact Monster skit or watch the Soft Paths video to show low impact travel. (The resources in this box support the Wilderness and Land Ethic activity book included in the box. However, you do not need to use the activity book to use the resources.)

The boxes are loaned for a two-week period. To reserve the boxes or for more information contact: Education Coordinator at 373-4100.