The Forest Service has worked with partners since it was established over 100 years ago. Partnerships in land stewardship reflect a growing and important trend by committed citizens, organizations, and government agencies. 

The Boise National Forest partners with a variety of entities, including nonpofit organizations, State and Federal agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and communities, who actively work with the Forest staff in the stewardship of the forest. 

Together they achieve goals such as restoring habitat, conducting research for use in adaptive management, revitalizing communities, enhancing opportunities for recreation, engaging new citizens stewards, and resolving conflicts over resource management.


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The Boise Forest Coalition 

The Boise Forest Coalition (BFC) was formed in September 2010 to bring together diverse interests who could craft recommendations for a multi-faceted forest project. The citizen-led group is open to anyone with an interest in Boise National Forest management.

The first project area selected by the Coalition was Clear Creek on the Lowman Ranger District in the Boise National Forest.  Clear Creek was chosen because it offered opportunities to address coalition members' interests in natural resource, economic, recreational and social needs. The Lowman district staff had collected preliminary data to frame the issues and the district staff had the capacity and interest to work with a collaborative group. After 11 months, with nine meetings and two field trips, the BFC agreed to specific recommendations for recreation, trails, roads, fisheries, fuels and vegetation management. The recommendations were considered by the Forest Service in their planning of management in the drainage and a decision was recently made.

Certain Boise National Forest staff members provide information on federal requirements and regulations to the Coalition in an advisory role.  The Forest considers the Coalition to be a valuable partner in management of the forest; it does not participate in consensus assessments or in advocating for recommendations. 

The Coalition is currently working on its second project.  The members are focused on the west side of the Boise National Forest, particularly in the Hi Valley area. They have been meeting for nearly a year and are close to completing recommendations for consideration by the forest.

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