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Icon of Where the other you LivesThere's a nifty little booklet called "The Book of Stuff to Do Outside". Print it from the "What To Do" link at: discovertheforest.org/.




[Graphic]:  Smokey Bear with an embedded hyperlink to the Smokey Bear website at www.smokeybear.com.

Fire in the forest isn't all bad! Prescribed or "controlled" fires reduce the buildup of old, dry brush and wood, improve habit for wildlife and help keep the forest healthy.

"Wild" fire, however, can be one of the biggest dangers to forests and the things living there.

Remember, Smokey says: "Only you can prevent wildfires!"
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[Graphic]:  Woodsy Owl saying Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute with an embedded hyperlink to the Woodsy Owl website.Once Woodsy's message was "Give a hoot - don't pollute!". But Woodsy found he needed to ask for more help then just picking up the trash. He would like everyone to make a positive difference in the world.

Now Woodsy says:  "Lend a hand - Care for the land!"

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Tread Lightly! for Kids

Lightfoot the cartoon squirrel for Treadlightly!


This Tread Lightly! website has an ATV trail maze, Lightfoot's story, coloring pages, story builder, outdoor quiz and more. 

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