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Conservation Education

The Conservation Education Program, on the Glacier Ranger District, began during the 1998 to 1999 school year. Since then the program has seen many changes and a formal plan was drafted to help guide the program into the future.

The Chugach National Forest is excited to offer a series of programs to enhance the 3rd grade science curriculum. Each Spring, as staffing levels and budget allow, the Glacier Ranger District's Conservation Education program will offer three separate units: Tree Ranger, Storm Ranger, and Aqua Ranger.

Forest Ranger Academy

Each unit is developed to complement the ASD Earth Systems Elementary Science Program framework and will help the students meet the science standards set forth by the State of Alaska.

Commitment to the Academy involves:

  • A 1 hour classroom visit by a Forest Ranger
  • Field trip to Portage Valley
  • A pre and post packet with activities and evaluations.

To be considered for participation please submit a request to the ASD Community Resource Center, and be sure to indicate which unit you would like your students to participate in and what month would fit best for that topic.