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The Forest Service offers positions for both permanent and temporary employees. Anyone interested in working for the Forest Service can view current open positions by visiting USAJOBS.


USAJOBS website imageTo View Positions Currently Open for Application

Positions that are currently open for application will only appear on the USAJOBS website. To view positions currently open for application on the Coconino National Forest:

  1. In the Keyword block, type "Coconino National Forest"
  2. Click Search.


Outreach website imageTo View Announcements of Upcoming Positions

Announcements of positions that are upcoming but may not necessarily be open for application just yet are found on the Forest Service Outreach website. To view announcements specific to permanent and temporary positions on the Coconino National Forest:

  1. Leave the Opportunity block blank
  2. In the Organization block, type "110304"
  3. Next, click "Perform Search"

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