Background Resources

bull elk in Bridger Teton NF; photo by Trace Frost

Background Resources for Teachers

Forests affect nearly every aspect of our lives. Forest resources provide the raw materials for our homes, our workplaces, the books and newspapers we read, and the packaging that contains our food and other products of our labor. Forest ecosystems supply our water, maintain our climate, help purify the air, protect soils, and provide for wilderness experiences. Forests provide habitat for wildlife, and serve as preserves of biological diversity and as sources of food, fuel, and medicine for people throughout the world. They shape the recreational landscape, help stabilize our farms, and enhance our cities.

The U.S. Forest Service manages more than 193 million acres of the nation's public forests and grasslands. These lands include mountain tops and valley bottoms, temperate rain forests and high deserts. The Forest Service also provides technical and financial assistance to landowners and resource managers to help sustain the nation’s forests and protect communities and the environment from wildland fires.

Visit the following Forest Service and partner Web resources to learn more about the Forest Service and forests and grasslands.

Web Resources About the Forest Service and Forests and Grasslands

Discover the Forest

screen shot of Discover the Forest web siteThe Discover the Forest web site is an exciting new website designed just for tweens. But there are lots to find of interest for teachers too. Discover the forest through this new website.