Woodsy Owl Licensing

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Use of Woodsy Owl and his message are tightly controlled by law.

In 1974, Congress passed Public Law 93-318, the Woodsy Owl Act.  This law serves to protect the image of Woodsy Owl and establish a licensing program.  The purpose of the licensing program is to generate funds to promote education about the conservation of the environment and to fight pollution. 

The objectives of the licensing program are to (1) assist in carrying Woodsy Owl’s conservation and anti-pollution message to the public; (2) maintain the integrity of the Woodsy Owl image as America’s icon for the conservation of the environment; and (3) ensure that all products licensed to carry Woodsy Owl’s name and message maintain standards of high quality and good taste.  Licenses are granted for one time use as well as for periods of up to five years.  All licensees, unless specifically exempted by the Forest Service, are required to pay a fee or royalty for the use of the Woodsy Owl name and/or image and to carry the official logo in their promotional materials for those products.