Meet Woodsy Owl

Welcome to Woodsy's Wonderful World

Caring, friendly, and wise, Woodsy Owl is a whimsical fellow and he's got his heart set on motivating kids to form healthy, lasting relationships with nature. As Woodsy flies across our land, he encourages youngsters to marvel at and explore the natural world, even in the city. His new motto, "Lend a Hand - Care for the Land!" encourages everyone to make a positive difference in their world.

Woodsy has been America's environmental champion since 1970, and is most recognized for his wise request, "Give a hoot. Don't pollute." Join the US Forest Service in introducing children to this fanciful creature. Woodsy is coming to you with simple, hands-on land stewardship activities--and there's so much more ahead.

Woodsy Owl would love to be a part of your school or after-school curriculum. For more information, contact your local U.S. Forest Service office or other State or Federal natural resource management agency.

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