History & Culture

The remnants of past cultures are often reminders of the centuries-old relationship between people and the land. Cultural artifacts hold clues to past and add to our knowledge and understanding of how others before us once lived. These resources provide links to living traditions transformed from our past.

It is illegal to collect artifacts on public lands. Any artifacts found on public lands are protected by state and federal law. It is also illegal and unethical to take anything from private land without permission from the landowner.

Purpose of the Heritage Program

To protect significant heritage resources, to share their values with the American people, and to contribute relevant information and perspectives to natural resource management. In so doing we will:

  • Ensure that future generations will have an opportunity to discover the human story etched on the landscapes of the Daniel Boone National Forest;
  • Make the past come alive as a vibrant part of our recreational experiences and community life; and
  • Connect people to the land in a way that will help us better understand and manage forest ecosystems.


Recreation Photos

Swimming in the Red River

Swimming, fishing and camping


Firefighter with backpack pump

Photos from the Daniel Boone Firefighting


Managing the forest

Water testing

Managing the forest

Mining, Quarry and Roadbuilding

Loading rock at quarry

Mining, Quarry and Roadbuilding

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