Welcome to Central California Acquisition Service Area

The Central California Acquisition Service Area serves the Inyo, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Eldorado, Tahoe, Plumas, and Stanislaus National Forests. Through contracts, agreements and commercial purchases the Central California Acquisition Service Area Team does its part to help manage public lands in National Forests and support fire suppression efforts.

What major products and services does the Forest Service purchase from vendors and contractors?

  • Natural resource services and conservation service
  • Construction of structures and facilities
  • Maintenance, repair or alteration of real property (incl. restoration of roads and bridges)
  • Lease or rental of facilities
  • Janitorial Services
  • Transportation and charter services
  • Professional, management and administrative support services
  • Lease or rental of equipment
  • Special studies and analyses
  • A&E Services
  • Fire and aviation support services and equipment
  • Information Technology

Getting ready to do business with the Forest Service...

  1. Obtain a DUNS number
    The Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number is a unique nine-character identifier. To request a DUNS number call D&B at the toll free number 1-866-705-5711 or register online at
  2. Register with Central Contractor Registration
    You must be registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) to be awarded a government contract. Vendors must renew/update their data annually to keep their CCR registration active. Detailed information about CCR is available at or the CCR customer assistance center can be contacted toll free at 1-866-606-8220.
  3. Register with On-Line Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA)
    With ORCA, vendors have the ability to maintain their representation and certification information required when responding to government solicitations. Detailed information regarding ORCA and how to submit records is available on the ORCA website at under Help and FAQs.

Finding Contracting Opportunities

Once CCR and ORCA registration has been completed, vendors may use two websites to help them locate contracting opportunities with the USDA Forest Service. The first site is called FedBizOpps and can be found at This site is used Federal Government-wide for any projects being solicited that are expected to exceed $25,000. Vendors should click on “Find Opportunities” and then, on the next screen, select the “Advanced Search” tab. To find projects in the Central California Acquisition Service Area a vendor must scroll down the page and then select “Specific Agency/Office/Locations.” In the field with the magnifying glass type “Department of Agriculture/Forest Service”. Once it is selected click on “Show/Update Office Locations For Selected Agencies". In the Office Location field, scroll down to "Forest Service/R-5 Central CA Acquisition Service Area", and check the box next to this title. Multiple locations may be checked if you wish to look at projects from more than one office or service area.

For projects on the Lassen or Modoc National Forests Vendors should navigate, within the office location field, to: Forest Service/ R-5 Sierra Cascade. Vendors should be aware that a project on the Klamath National Forest, for example, may actually be solicited from the Redding Office so they should check all locations to make sure they are seeing everything available on the Province. If vendors have questions regarding how to use the FedBizOpps website, there is a User Guide for vendors available from the menu on the right-hand side of the FBO home page.

Note: Opportunities on both the Northern Province and Sierra Cascade Province are expected to be combined to one site called “R-5/Northern California Acquisitions Service Area” sometime in the spring of 2011.

The other site is operated by the Regional Office of the Forest Service located in Vallejo, CA. This site is specific to Region 5 (State of California) and shows only those projects being solicited by the Forest Service in that Region for the current fiscal year. The value of going to this website is that it will also show opportunities that are not expected to exceed $25,000 and, thus, will not be posted to FedBizOpps. The website address is Under Advanced Acquisition Plan, click on Northern California Province. In the “by unit” drop down menu, select the desired forest then click the “submit” button to the right. Any upcoming opportunities will be listed. The office may be contacted to receive more information about a specific project.

Other Vendor Resources

There are many websites and resources to assist businesses in understanding doing business with the Federal government. There are many unique aspects such as the Federal Acquisition Regulations that govern how the Federal government issues solicitations for work and writes the contracts that result from the solicitations. The resources that can help in understanding doing business with the Federal government include –

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) – Located in every state PTAC’s assist businesses in understanding how to prepare bids and proposals on Federal government contracts. To locate the appropriate state PTAC go and under “Government Contracting Assistance” use the link to “Find a PTAC”.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) – Organized in association with the Small Business Administration, the SBDC’s provide general assistance on business structure, and how to obtain business loans and surety bonding. Some assistance is provided regarding Federal government contracting too. Find the nearest SBDC by visiting

Small Business Administration (SBA) – The SBA is the Federal Agency tasked with assisting small businesses to be successful. SBA’s general website is available as There is also an SBA website that deals specifically with Doing Business With the Federal Government found at

Incident Procurement Information

Information on Incident Procurement for Region 5 can be found at: management/incident_procurement.

Please Note! Training is Required: Vendors (engines, water tenders, fallers, mechanics, pick-ups w/driver, crew busses, dozers, and excavators) seeking work during fire incidents must complete 8 hours fire refresher and fire shelter training annually. Upon completion, each individual will receive proof of their training. This is only good for the individual who actually took the training. Proof of completed training must be carried by each operator while under hire. Information on Region 5 Incident Procurement including the times, dates, and provider of this training will be posted at the above website.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

For more information on the Pacific Southwest Regions involvement in ARRA program, please visit the following website:

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Virtual Incident Procurement

  • Virtual Incident PRocurement (VIPR) Link opens in a new window
    Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR) is a web-based Forest Service application designed to administer preseason Incident Blanket Purchase Agreements (I-BPAs - formerly referred to as Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements or EERAs). It replaces the Equipment and Training System (EaTIS) piloted by the Northern, Pacific Northwest, and Pacific Southwest Regions.
  • Regional Incident Procurement Link opens in a new window
    To provide the public, Incident Management Personnel and Dispatch Centers with information regarding Incident Contracting within the Pacific Southwest Region.