Event/Commercial Permits

Groups and individuals frequently ask for special uses of forest land in Florida. The Forest Service must always weigh whether the proposed use is compatible with the values that make the national forest an irreplaceable forest – including plants, animals, beauty, clean air and water, recreation opportunities, and forest products.

Applicants for special-use permits should note that the permitting process can, depending on the request, be time-consuming. It may require multi-step National Forest Management Act analysis and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation, and ultimately may not be approved.

The Forest Service will evaluate special-use applicants to see if they are in the public interest. At a minimum, these proposals should be

  • Consistent with Forest Plan management area objectives, standards, and desired future conditions
  • Consistent with other applicable Federal, State, and local statutes and regulations
  • Not be undertaken on national forest land if they can be reasonably accommodated on private land.

For Temporary Special Use Permit (Events), Easements and Land Uses, special use permits are required. Most permits require at least 90 days to be processed and must be acquired from the appropriate Ranger Station.

Event Permits

A permit is required from the District Ranger for use of any location in the forest for any public special event such as a concert, jamboree, or marathon. Well in advance - at least 3 months or more - prior to your intended date for the event, please contact the District Ranger's office in the region in which you plan for the event to take place.

Commercial Permits

Permits are required for commercial use of the National Forests in Florida, such as filmmaking, wedding photography, and photography for use in advertising. Please contact the District Ranger's office to determine your need for a permit and any fees that might be involved.

Apalachicola National Forest

  • Apalachicola Ranger District, Bristol
  • Wakulla Ranger District, Crawfordville

Ocala National Forest

Osceola National Forest

  • Osceola Ranger District, Olustee