Managing a vast system of public lands cannot be accomplished alone. The National Forests in Florida works with a broad range of partners throughout Florida, both in land management and in recreation, to accomplish our mission.

Some of our major land management partners include:

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission - Oversees hunting and fishing in the National Forests in Florida and works in partnership for wildlife conservation.

Florida Forest Service - Lead agency for fire issues, including both prescribed burns and wildfire response.

Florida Department of Transportation - Manages right of way for federal and state roads, coordinates future plans for changes to transportation corridors and facilities.


Florida Trail Association

Volunteers build the Monkey Creek Bridge

In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the nonprofit Florida Trail Association oversees trail maintenance and promotes the use of the 1,400-mile Florida National Scenic Trail.

Get Outdoors Florida!

Children at a Get Outdoors Florida! event

The U.S. Forest Service is a key partner of the Get Outdoors Florida! coalition, a partnership to reconnect families with nature.