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The Forest Service is looking for members (volunteers) to serve on a Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) for the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act. The role of the RAC is to solicit, review, recommend and monitor projects that promote healthy landscapes, benefit watersheds and accomplish needed work on-the-ground.

The Committee works closely with Forest Service representatives to recommend projects that will benefit forest health, fish, wildlife, soils, watersheds and other resources; maintain roads, trails, and other infrastructure; and/or control noxious weeds. Projects must be developed in coordination with the local Forest Service District Rangers and corresponding County representatives to ensure that the proposals are implementable and appropriate on national forest lands.

The RAC oversees funding that is authorized by Congress annually under Title II of the Secure Rural Schools Act, and made available to counties to accomplish resource-based project work. The RAC reviews projects for possbile  funding at their annual meeting.  The GMUG RAC has been operating for the past six years and to date, has recommended 43 projects totaling over $1.4 million dollars for restoration and improvement projects that have been implemented and completed  (see project accomplishment list below).

It is anticipated that RAC members will attend 1-2 meetings annually, each lasting about 4 hours to accomplish the Committee’s work. Meeting dates are somewhat flexible and are generally scheduled so all committee members can attend. The first meeting (orientation) is in spring or summer, followed by a second meeting sometime after. Meetings are in Delta (Forest Service Supervisors Office). Members are not compensated for their time; however, travel expenses may be reimbursed.

  • The RAC is comprised of a wide representation of interests including forest users, industry, environmental, Tribal, educational, state and county representatives and more. Diversity of the members is desired to fully represent the array of stakeholders who use national forests. All committee members must be residents of Colorado.
  • All appointments are made by the Secretary of Agriculture and serve up to 4 years, with the opportunity to extend for an additional 2 years.
  • The RAC is in need of 15 new members, and three alternate members (willing to replace any members should they become unable to continue serving in the future).

If you are interested in helping the Forest Service select projects to improve resources or infrastructures on our public lands, please consider applying for a committee position!

More about the Resource advisory Committee (RAC) Projects

The GMUG Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) reviews and recommends proposals for projects that would enhance forest ecosystems or restore and improve land health and water quality on the White River and the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests and other nearby lands in Garfield, Mesa, Delta, Montrose and Gunnison Counties.

RAC projects are located on National Forest System Lands or other nearby lands within the affected Counties. Proposed projects benefit the resources on the National Forest and must go through an environmental analysis as required by the National Environmental Policy Act. Projects are either completed by Forest Service personnel, through partnership agreements or by open-bid contracting with individuals and corporations. Federal procurement and contracting regulations are required.

Summary of Projects Recommended/Completed (2015)

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The public is welcome to attend RAC meetings. For more information on the committee, becoming a RAC committee member or to learn more about proposing projects, please contact  Lee Ann Loupe, RAC Coordinator, at 970-874-6717 (

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