Photography & Filming

If you would like to have a commercial photography session at Grey Towers, you must submit a photography permit request at least two weeks before the session and the Forest Service must approve your request.

There are no permits needed for noncommercial photography sessions. However, please read and abide by the site regulations listed below.


There are no fees associated with conducting private photography sessions at Grey Towers. However, commercial photography sessions need an approved special use permit, which may have fees associated with it.

Obtaining an Approved Commercial Permit

  1. Before completing the photography permit request, please review the site regulations listed below on this page. Please pay particular attention to the locations and hours availability which will help determine if your permit can be approved at the requested time and place.
  2. Please fill out the commercial photography request. You can submit this downloadable PDF form via email or fax. If a professional photographer is employed, the photographer will complete and submit the permit request as the “Applicant.”  Please send all commercial photo and film requests to for review.
  3. The USDA Forest Service at Grey Towers will review your application and will notify the applicant of the determination. No photo commercial sessions may occur at Grey Towers without an approved permit.

Event Day

  • For commercial photo sessions please bring your approved permit with you on the day of the photo session. You will be required to show it to Grey Towers’ staff upon request.  If no one in your party has the approved permit, you may not be allowed to proceed with the planned activity.
  • All photography sessions photographers and participants are responsible for following all site regulations and the conditions. Please find all site regulations listed below.

Site Regulations

  • Your photo session may not interfere with normal site functions, visitor activities and tours, or special programs in and around the mansion.
  • Even with permission to take photos, you do not have exclusive rights to the gardens and grounds – other visitors are free to use the grounds and will not be asked to leave or move.
  • Please use the existing beauty of Grey Towers as your backdrop
  • Equipment or props such as: tents, chairs, stools, canopies, ropes, stanchions, amplifiers, tables, rice, birdseed, confetti, streamers, balloons, bubbles, or the release of any type of live animals are not allowed.
  • You may not have alcohol, weapons, firearms, flammable materials, open flames, and or pyrotechnics on government property.
  • You may not damage or pick any plants or flowers.
  • You may not stand in the flowerbeds or interfere with garden equipment and landscape features.
  • You may not enter any water features or climb trees.
  • You may not stand or lean over any stone structure, including the tops and aprons of stone walls and the millstones.
  • Running or standing along the tops of walls or the aprons of the Long Garden Pool, Fingerbowl or any other stone structure, and standing on the Pool Terrace and Moat perimeter wall is not allowed.
  • You must maintain appropriate dress -- no nudity or indecent exposure.
  • The historic walkways and stairs are uneven and irregular; individuals in your party should walk with caution and use handrails where available.
  • The covered yet unenclosed Visitor Pavilion is the only facility available in case of inclement weather; please plan accordingly.
  • Please notify Grey Towers’ staff immediately if there are any injuries, damage to government property, safety hazards or security concerns.
  • The US Forest Service at Grey Towers NHS is not liable for loss or damage to personal property or personal injury that may occur as a result of the activity.
  • Vehicles must depart from the site prior to gate closing at 4:30 p.m. If you park outside the gates and walk into the site, please do not block the fire lanes