Working with Us

Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved with Grey Towers


Grey Towers offers a variety of volunteer learning opportunities for students and recent grads who are seeking internship/externship credits, a resume builder, or some on-the-job introduction and experience. As a volunteer, students receive the experience they are seeking, training and possibly housing and uniforms. Most of these are unpaid positions; some offer stipends or salary (USDA Pathways). Hours and seasonal time frames vary based on our needs and availability of the students. This program is a great fit for students of a variety of academic areas of study, including but not limited to: horticulture and landscape design; museum, archival and curatorial services; visitor services, parks and recreation, history and environmental studies.


Volunteer opportunities are unlimited. Some volunteers donate a few hours each week while others contribute a one-time service. Volunteer full-time during the busy season or "pitch in" for special seasons or events.


Want to work for the Forest Service?  Grey Towers will post current employment opportunities as they arise.