The USDA Forest Service Volunteer Program at Grey Towers has something for almost everyone -- retirees, professionals, students, service clubs and organizations. There are indoor and outdoor work experiences and opportunities for groups and individuals. Volunteering at Grey Towers will give you a chance to pursue a personal interest or put a special skill or hobby to work. Areas of interest include anything from conservation education to history to gardening and more.

Some volunteers work once a week during the busy season while others pitch in for special seasons (Christmas at Grey Towers) or events (conferences, workshops, receptions, concerts and more). Some volunteers donate a few hours each week while others contribute a one-time service. All levels of engagement are welcome, and the opportunities are unlimited. Specific volunteer opportunities include:

Please contact the program lead via email or call us at (570)296-9630 for more information about volunteering at Grey Towers.

Volunteer Opportunity Program Contact
Mansion & Garden Interpretation
Conservation Education
Jared Simister, jared.simister@usda.gov
Landscape & Garden Maintenance Elizabeth Hawke, elizabeth.hawke@usda.gov
Laurel Hill Burial Grounds Elizabeth Hawke, elizabeth.hawke@usda.gov
Curatorial & Archive Preservation Rebecca Philpot, rebecca.philpot@usda.gov
Conference and Events Support Darian Milera Rivera, darian.milerarivera@usda.gov