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Many people own private property adjacent to National Forest System (NFS) lands. Sometimes crossing NFS lands may be necessary to access private property if no reasonable alternative exists across non-federal lands. In such cases, a landowner may submit a proposal to the Forest Service requesting authorization for noncommercial road use across NFS lands.


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Road Use Permits and Commercial Road Use Permits

Road Use Permits and Commercial Road Use Permits

Road use permits (FS 7700) are issued when a landowner needs temporary authorization to make changes to a Forest Service road, or to use a road on Forest Service lands for commercial purposes. Examples might include:

  • A logger is commercially harvesting nearby private lands, and needs to use a Forest Service road to move the equipment and logs to the nearest public road.
  • A landowner needs to move a large trailer to their private property. The access road is narrow, and the landowner needs to remove three trees and trim some branches in order to get the trailer and setup equipment to their private land. They do not need an authorization for permanent access to the property.

Road use permits are not special use permits – they are issued through the Forest Service engineering department. There is no fee associated with the temporary permit, but a landowner may be charged a bond or be required to repair any damage to the road caused by their use, especially by any heavy equipment.

If a landowner needs to obtain a road use permit, please submit a Road Use Permit Application form. If unsure whether a road use permit or a special use authorization is needed, contact the local permit administrator who can help determine which tool is more appropriate.

If road use is commercial in nature, or if using oversize vehicles, please include the appropriate attachment: