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1/3 Institute Headquarters building in April 1943
The Institute Headquarters building in April 1943 - Then known as the Tropical Forest Experiment Station.


The International Institute of Tropical Forestry (the Institute), headquartered in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, is a research and technology transfer institute that is dedicated to advancing tropical forestry on insular, national, and international levels, and developing and exchanging knowledge critical to sustaining benefits of tropical forests and grasslands.

The Institute has been in continuous operation since its inception as the Tropical Forest Experiment Station in 1939.

  • Institute's History

    The cover of a book with an image of the island of Puerto Rico

    Learn about the Intitute's founding and developement throughout the years.

  • Vision and Mission

    The flyer of a brochure for a Webinar

    For over 80 years the Institute has been a leader in research and conservation efforts in the Caribbean and the Globe.

  • People - All Employees

    An aerial image of the fields of Puerto Rico

    A directory of all the people that keep the Institute up and running.


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Paddleboarding the Rogue

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