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1/3 Short stunted trees covered in mosses and epiphytes.
The tabebuia/eugenia woodland (aka elfin woodland) found on the mountain peaks of El Yunque.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Updates

The Forest Service is taking the risks presented by COVID-19 seriously and is following USDA and CDC public health guidance as we continue to offer services to the public.

The Forest Service COVID-19 updates page has answers to frequently asked questions about access to National Forest System lands. [Opens in New Window]

  • Bindiya Rashni - Fellow Exchange Program

    A young Wadsworth in a forest

    The first recipient of the USDA Forest Service International Forestry Fellow exchange program, hosted by IITF.

  • Remembering Dr. Frank H Wadsworth

    A young Wadsworth in a forest

    Puerto Rico and the United States Forest Service lost a conservation giant with the passing of Frank H. Wadsworth.

  • A Shift in the Paradigm, Bringing a Novel Future to Tropical Forestry

    Covid 19 virus

    Do we need to intervene in tropical forest restoration? Should we ask ourselves for whom and why should we take these actions? What is really going on?

  • Institute's Research

    Learn about the Institute's present research and focus areas, collaborative programs, and information about the Sabana Field Research Station in El Yunque National Forest.

  • State and Private Forestry

    A man working on the field

    Learn about the Institute’s State and Private Forestry programs for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • International Cooperation

    A puertorrican parrot

    Learn about the programs and activities of International Cooperation throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world.

  • Library Resources

    Find additional resources and information on our Library webpage or contact our staff for assistance.

  • Publication and Products

    El Yunque Atlas displayed on a table

    Search, view, and download Institute publications and data. Explore our research maps (RMAPS) and story maps, and watch Institute videos.

  • Featured Video

    The Institute supports manual press restoration at La Casa del Libro museum

March 2020

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