State and Private Forestry

Native trees are being delivered to farmers and landowners to establish biological corridors as part of the Joint Chief Initiative. (August 2019)


State, Private and Tribal Forestry provides professional, technical, and financial assistance to state agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations within Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Through targeted technical and financial assistance and conservation education, federal resources are leveraged to protect and support sustainable management of the islands’ forests and ecosystems to produce goods and services that are important to many communities.

This assistance is focused on cooperative forestry, forest health, urban and community forestry, cooperative fire protection, and landowner and legacy assistance programs.

Our Programs

State, Private and Tribal Forestry programs work in partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, the Puerto Rico Fire Department, the Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Virgin Islands Fire Service, and various other state, local, and non-profit organizations and universities throughout the Caribbean.

Explore the various programs and resources provided by State and Private Forestry in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands below:

  • Community Forest and Open Space Program

    people walking in the Capetillo urban community forest

    Learn about the opportunity for communities through the Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program (Community Forest Program) of the Forest Service

  • Conservation Education

    The flyer of a brochure for a Webinar

    The CEP works with partners to coordinate the development  of high-quality education about forests, grasslands and related natural resources for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students and their educators.

  • Cooperative Fire Program

    An aerial image of the fields of Puerto Rico

    Information about the strategies, facilities and initiatives from the Cooperative Fire program

  • Forest Health Protection

    A woman taking notes in the forest

    The FHP program works with natural resource managers, private landowners, and various partners to maintain, enhance, and restore healthy forest conditions.

  • Forest Legacy Program

    A mountain at the horizon of a green and misty field

    The Forest Legacy Program (FLP) is a conservation program administered by the U.S. Forest Service in partnership with State agencies to encourage the protection of privately owned forest lands.

  • Forest Stewardship Program

    Inside a greenhouse of a coffee plantation

    The Forest Stewardship Program provides technical assistance to nonindustrial private forest landowners to enhance and sustain the long term productivity of forest resources and produce healthy, resilient forest landscapes.

  • Urban and Community Forest Program

    A closeup image of a butterfly

    The Urban and Community Forestry Program recognizes the importance of urban trees and urban forests for the health of our cities and our well-being.

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Publication and Products

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