State and Private Forestry

Tree Harvesting Workshop, group in the forest learning about harvesting. Coffee Beans. Río Hondo community forest. Group in the field taking pruning training. Project Learning Tree workshop with teachers and natural resources specialists. Forest Field Days hike at Estate Thomas Experimental Forest. Water pool for fire suppresion, large orange pool 4 foot high, filled with water. Marilyn Chakkroff, Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture Forest Legacy Coordinator, during Estate Northstar Forest Legacy
Celebration. Cactus mealybug monitoring in Guánica State Forest.

State and Private Forestry provides professional, technical, and financial assistance to state agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations within Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Through targeted technical and financial assistance and conservation education, federal resources are leveraged to protect and support sustainable management of the islands’ forests and ecosystems to produce goods and services that are important to many communities.

This assistance is focused on cooperative forestry, forest health, urban and community forestry, cooperative fire protection, and landowner and legacy assistance programs.


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