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Have some fun with Smokey and more!

Natural Inquirer logo The Natural Inquirer is a science education journal designed for middle school students that is concerned with nature, trees, wildlife, insects, outdoor activities, and water.

Smokey Bear logo Visit Smokey Bear. Learn how to stop wildfires and hear the story of Smokey Bear.

Smokey Kids logo Smokey Kids has games, stories, and more. Check it out!

BLM logo The Bureau of Land Management (let's just call them the BLM) has a great web page called Learning Landscapes with lots of activities to help you discover "America's Big Backyard" - even homework helpers!

Wildlife Express logo What in the world is a Pika?? Read the September 2008 issue of Wildlife Express by Idaho Fish and Game to find out. Then, read about other cool Idaho animals from black widow spiders to whitefish.