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Geospatial Data

GIS Data

GIS data that encompass the Kisatchie National Forest are available for download from this page. A link to the metadata is provided for each dataset. All data are in ESRI shapefile format and compressed into Winzip self-extracting Zip files. 

Spatial Reference Information:

Projected Coordinate System:
System:  US State Plane 1983
Zone:      Louisiana North 1701
Datum:    NAD 1983 (Conus)

Instructions for downloading and viewing GIS data:
1. Click on the GIS layer file link and click "OK" to agree to the disclaimer.
2. Save the Winzip self-extracting Zip file (.EXE) to the desired location on your hard drive.
3. Double-click on the saved file and follow the on-screen instructions to extract the contents.
4. To view the GIS data, use the freeware ArcGIS Explorer (http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/explorer/index.html) or other software that can read ESRI shapefiles. 



GIS Layer      Metadata    Layer    Description Last Posted
Ranger District metadata National forest ranger district boundaries 12/15/2010
BLM Oil/Gas Stipulations  metadata Mineral Stipulation Boundaries   7/12/2011 
Basic Surface  metadata  Basic ownership information (Forest and non-Forest Service) within the proclaimed boundary 12/15/2010 
Wilderness  metadata Areas designated as wilderness under the Wilderness Act   12/15/2010
Recreation Site  metadata Recreation sites within or in close proximity to the national forest   12/15/2010
Road  metadata  Roads in and around the national forest  4/21/2011
Trail metadata Trail in and around the national forest 1/30/12
Trailhead metadata Trailhead in and around the national forest 1/30/12
Forest Compartment metadata  Forest compartments 12/15/2010 
Forest Stand metadata Forest Stand  1/08/2013