Fire fighters on top of a ridge study the terrain below.

For over a century USDA Forest Service employees have been on the front line of conservation, intelligent resource utilization, and wildland management.  The Forest Service offers both permanent and temporary employment, in a variety of fields.




General information on employment and careers with the Forest Service is available here:

Opportunities for students and recent graduates are also available through the Forest Service Pathways Program.  Pathways includes an Internship Program (high school to graduate school), Recent Graduates Program, and Presidential Management Fellow Program.

Here we offer some specific information on finding work on the Klamath National Forest. In 2016 the Klamath National Forest employed approximately 320 permanent positions plus over 150 temporary positions.  Most of our employees work at one of our four offices in Yreka, Fort Jones, Happy Camp, or Macdoel.  Some employees work out of work stations in Klamath River, Seiad Valley, Scott Bar, Sawyer's Bar, Callhan, and Cecilville.

Each National Forest employs many different professions.  Naturally, more opportunities are available in some fields than others.  We recommend becoming familiar with federal job series.  Some of the more common entry-level job series employed on the Klamath National Forest include 0303 (customer service), 0404 (biological science), 0455 (range), 1001 (visitor services), and especially 0462 (forestry, recreation, and fire).

All jobs on the Klamath National Forest are advertised through USAJOBS.gov.  When you create a profile on USAJOBs, you can set up a Saved Search.  To find work on the Klamath National Forest, we recommend setting up a Saved Search for:

  • Department = Department of Agriculture
  • Agency = Forest Service
  • Location = United States
  • State = California
  • Locales = Yreka, Fort Jones, Happy Camp, Macdoel, Klamath River, Seiad Valley, Sawyer's Bar, Callhan, and Cecilville.

You can select if you want to receive email notifications daily, weekly, or monthly.

When you find a job you would like to apply to, complete the application process in USAJOBS.  We have prepared a Step-by-Step Guide on Applying for USDA Forest Service Positions using www.USAJOBS.gov.  Once you create or upload your resume to USAJOBS, the application process is much quicker.

Make sure you read vacancy announcements carefully and submit all required documents.

Wildland Firefighting

Like other National Forests, we hire many wildland firefighters each year.  Most fire positions are seasonal.  Entry-level positions include prevention technicians, fuels technicians, fire engine operator, assistant fire engine operations, and more.  Most fire positions are within the 0462 job series.

The Klamath NF hosts many fire crews, including the Klamath Hot Shot Crew at Oak Knoll, the Salmon River Hot Shot Crew at Fort Jones, the Happy Camp Hand Crew, the Marble Mountain Wildland Fire Module at Fort Jones, the Grass Lake Wildland Fire Module, the Mt. Hebron Wildland Fire Module, the Scott Valley Rappellers, Happy Camp Helitack, and twelve engine crews.

For summer employment, watch for outreach notices and job postings beginning in December.  In 2016, for example, most of our seasonal firefighters were hired from one week-long vacancy announcement in January.

All fire personnel must complete a minimum of 32 hours of basic wildland fire training, including S-130 (Firefighting Training), S-190 (Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior), L-180 (Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service), and I-100 (Introduction to the Incident Command System).  In additional, wildland firefighters must pass an annual work capacity test

More information on wildland firefighting employment with the USDA Forest Service.

Outreach Notices

Before the Forest Service fills a new position, we typically issue an “outreach notice” announcing the vacancy to be filled.  All outreach notices are posted here:  https://fsoutreach.gdcii.com/Outreach

Outreach notices are often also posted on the Klamath National Forest home page.  When you reply to an outreach notice, you are letting the office know you are interested, and will then receive notice when the position opens on USAJOBS.