Forest Products Permits

Forest Products

National Forests and Grasslands throughout the Northern Region, including the Kootenai National Forest, will continue to offer free firewood for personal use through December 31, 2022. You must obtain a hard-copy permit in order to track harvesting and communicate important wildfire safety and collection information. Please adhere to all regulations and best practices while gathering Forest products. To obtain a permit, please call your local Ranger Station.

Limits, Fees, and Requirements

Listed below are the limits, fees and permit requirements for most products available. All limits and fees are for personal use only, and apply to one adult per calendar year. Gathering any product to be sold is considered commercial harvesting. Some of these products may be harvested in greater quantities for commercial use, however, different permits and fees are required. For more information about commercial harvesting, and more details on the limits and permit requirements for these and other products, contact one of the Kootenai National Forest offices.