Geospatial Data

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computerized application which stores map information about things such as vegetation, rivers, elevation, cities and much more.  This GIS technology enables us to do predictive modeling of the natural landscape, project planning, research, cartography (map making), 3D rendering of the landscapes and more. 

Each dataset available for download has Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) compliant metadata and represents our corporate GIS library information.  Shapefiles which represent the pertinent data and in some instances a linkable database which describes the shapefile are available for download via the link below.  The shapefile is designed to be used in association with GIS software such as ArcGIS and ArcView and as such must be downloaded and converted to be used with the GIS software.  

For other information not found here or for project specific data, please email your request with your name, purpose for the request, what form you would like the data to be in and finally any contact information we may need to clarify your needs.

The Lincoln National Forest stores all of its GIS data in UTM 13N with NAD83 as its datum.

When downloading the information, please SAVE the file before opening it.  If you open directly from the website, nothing will appear.

Find and download data

Acting GIS Coordinator - Neil Fairbanks, 575-434-7200