Accepting the responsibility to care for America's natural treasures is a choice. We all make choices that affect our public lands every day in the ways we use water from forest watersheds, rely on communication facilities perched on forest mountaintops, make intelligent purchase decisions that conserve resources, or contribute our time and resources. Personal choices affect natural areas, whether we visit the forest or enjoy the bounty of natural resources from around the world. Los Padres National Forest employees and our partners demonstrate our commitment to conserve natural resources at home and abroad by thinking globally and acting locally. 

Join Us!

[Photograph]:  Forest Service firefighter Mike Porter, and volunteer Don Loomer clean up the Gene Marshall-Piedra Blanca Trail above Twin Forks Camp.
Forest Service firefighter Mike Porter, and volunteer Don Loomer clean up the Gene Marshall-Piedra Blanca Trail above Twin Forks Camp.

Los Padres National Forest has provided public inspiration and natural resources for over a century. Today more than ever, the forest requires a commitment from citizens, organizations and government to work together to ensure these resources remain available in the future.

Partnerships are an important part of the answer. Partnerships help improve the health of the forest, provide recreation opportunities, enhance understanding of natural resources, and foster individual responsibility and stewardship. Here are just a few examples of the many partnerships underway today.

Los Padres Forest Association

[image]Los padres Forest Association Logo BannerVolunteer in the southern Los Padres with the Los Padres Forest Association (LPFA). Since 1981, the LPFA has worked in close cooperation with the Los Padres National Forest to support its mission. Through the development of web resources, support for forest care and interpretive programs and protection of heritage resources, the LPFA seeks to enrich visitor experiences while helping to protect forest resources. Click Here for more information on volunteering with LPFA.

Los Padres Forest Association Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Program

The Volunteer Wilderness Rangers (VWR) provide a number of critical volunteer activities in the back country areas of Los Padres National Forest. These include trail and campsite improvements and maintenance, backcountry patrols, site surveys, repairs to structures and historic buildings. 

For more information Contact:

Los Padres Forest Association
Jasonn Beckstrand 805-284-1624

Ojai Ranger District - Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center Operated by the Los Padres Forest Association

[Photograph]: Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center.Located just 8 miles north from Ojai on Highway 33 at 17017 Maricopa Highway, the Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center is the gateway to the southern Los Padres National Forest. The Center sells maps, trail guides, forest-related books, Adventure Passes, and other items as well as providing recreational and other information to forest visitors. In addition, the Center sponsors a variety of educational training programs. The Center is open Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. For more information call the Ojai Ranger Station at (805) 646-4348.


Santa Barbara Ranger District Volunteer Clean-up Projects

One of the most beautiful places in the Santa Barbara Mountains is the Lizard's Mouth Rocks on West Camino Cielo. Hikers, birdwatchers, sunset watchers and rock climbers enjoy the rocky area located on the mountaintop, overlooking the Santa Barbara Coast. Twice a year, volunteers get together to spruce-up Lizard's Mouth Rock Formations. This event is held every spring and fall. Contact Larry Griffith at the Santa Barbara Ranger District Office, (805) 967-3481 X 216 for more information. 

Ventana Wilderness Alliance Partnership and Volunteer Opportunities 

Since 1998, the VWA has worked to protect wilderness qualities and biodiversity on public lands in the northern part of the forest by educating the public on fire safety and Leave No Trace principles, removing trash from the backcountry, launching an archaeological site steward program and organizing an all-volunteer trail crew and wilderness ranger program to keep camps and trails clean and accessible. Click HERE for more information about the VWA and Volunteer Opportunities in the northern Los Padres National Forest.

Southern California Nordic Ski Patrol

 [image] Nordic Ski Patrol - Mt. Pinos

Who We Are

The Southern California Nordic Ski Patrol, informally known as the Mount Pinos Nordic Ski Patrol, is a volunteer organization working in partnership with the United States Forest Service since 1976.  During the winter, we are located on Mount Pinos on the Los Padres Forest near Frazier Park, California.

Our patrol has been named the National Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol by the National Ski Patrol System for 1993, 1996, 1999, 2006 and again in 2011. We patrol on most weekends from mid-November through April when snow is present.  Our patrollers include professionals, tradesmen, techies, students, retirees and other individuals.

What We Do

The Southern California Nordic Ski Patrol provides a winter ski safety service, including emergency first aid and search & rescue. We are trained in first aid, professional rescuer CPR and Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC).

We patrol from McGill Campground area to the summit of Mt. Pinos. By traveling on skis, we can quickly and efficiently access a large geographical area and provide assistance to people that may be lost, caught in bad weather, or simply would like advice on the safest route of travel. We have rescue sleds which contain first aid and medical supplies such as splints and backboards. We are prepared to immobilize and/or treat injuries and we can transport an injured patient back to safety in a sled.

We are also trained in a variety of mountain skills such as Mountain Travel and Rescue as well as avalanche avoidance and rescue. In addition, some members of our patrol are registered with the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) and participate in statewide search and rescue efforts.

Where To Find Us

Mt. Pinos lies approximately 75 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Mt. Pinos is located on the Los Padres National Forest. The northern half of Mt Pinos is located in Kern County, while the southern half lies in Ventura County.  At an elevation of 8,831 ft., it is the highest mountain on the Los Padres National Forest.

For more information about the Southern California Nordic Ski Patrol, go to: