Final Forest Plan - Land and Resource Management Plan 2014

Cover page for the Final Plan 2014 document

The Land and Resource Management Plan is subject to appeal. The appeal period starts September 5, 2014 when the legal notice is published and ends on December 4, 2014.


For questions contact Forest Planning Biologist, Shaun Williamson 601-965-1659

The National Forests in Mississippi is currently revising its Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan). Monitoring is an ongoing management activity and will continue when the revised Forest Plan is implemented.

During the forest plan revision process, monitoring documents are presented in an abbreviated  question and answer format.

Monitoring Questions Documents


Administrative Change to Monitoring Program - Letter

 Administrative Change to Monitoring Program - Document

2013 - 2014 Monitoring Report

2012 Monitoring Report





Archived Question & Answer Reports

2011 Monitoring Report 

2010 Monitoring Report

2009 - 2008 Monitoring Report

2007 Monitoring Report 


Forest Plan Revision - Proposed Plan

Cover page for the Forest Plan Revision document

The National Forests in Mississippi has elected to use the provisions of the 1982 planning rule, including the requirement to prepare an EIS, to complete its plan revision. Revision of the Forest Plan is a multi-step, multi-year process that will result in re-analysis of the present plan, identification of changes in management direction, description of our vision for the future, and determination of appropriate strategies and design criteria. The revised Forest Plan will supersede the land and resource management plan previously approved by the Southern Region Regional Forester on September 16, 1985 and as amended seventeen times since original plan approval; however this amended Forest Plan will remain in effect until the revised plan takes effect.

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Forest Plan (1985)

The National Forests in Mississippi Forest Plan covers the six proclaimed National Forests in Mississippi: Bienville, DeSoto, Delta, Holly Springs, Homochitto and Tombigbee.

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