Working Together

Volunteering and the Forest Service

Volunteering for the Forest Service is an excellent opportunity to explore your interest in a career working outdoors or to spend some free time – all while giving back to some of our nation's most precious resources.

As a volunteer, you may work part-time or full-time, on one-time projects or throughout the season. You may prefer performing invigorating physical labor outdoors or help out in an office environment. Your commitment is up to you.

Forest Service Partnerships

Partners of the Forest Service serve a vital role in completing complex and expensive tasks, utilizing expertise from other agencies and institutions that saves time and money while completing tasks that might not be possible without cooperation and help.

Contracting and the National Forests in Mississippi

National Forests in Mississippi (NFsMS) are substantial contributors to the economies of local communities through contracting with businesses for the procurement and acquisition of goods and services.

Advisory Committees

Secure Rural Schools Act resource advisory committees are governed by the Act and by the committee charters. In October 2009, the Secretary of Agriculture approved nine charters, one for each of the various committees in the nine Forest Service Regions. These may be accessed via links on the Forest Service Regionspage.