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The Chief Information Office (CIO) is a branch under the Deputy Chief for Business Operations, with sister branches Human Resources and Budget & Finance, which together comprise the Albuquerque Service Center. Other Business Operations (BusOps) areas include Acquisition Management (AQM) and the Office of Records Management Systems (ORMS).
The Chief Information Officer leads the CIO's approximately 640 staff in information resource (IR) programs and projects designed to achieve the Forest Service mission. The CIO is responsible for facilitating Forest Service information resource activities through policy, oversight, and direction, as well as providing direct services and products.
Management of information resources and technology in the Forest Service is guided by the Information Resources Strategic Framework (IRSF), a set of concise, essential statements that define the vision, beliefs, and mission for information resources in the Agency.

CIO Branches

  • BI&O: Business Requirements &Information Management Office
    The BI&O leads and facilitates the establishment of policy, procedures, standards, and guidance for analysis and development of business solutions to meet business and information management (IM) requirements of the FS.
  • BAO: Business Applications Office
    The BAO manages and coordinates all development and maintenance for internally developed applications (computer programs) to support Forest Service business requirements and meet the standards required by USDA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • InfoSec: Information Security
    InfoSec manages the security program that ensures that all FS systems comply with government-wide and USDA security and privacy requirements.
  • CTO: Chief Technology Office
    The CTO provides the information technology (IT) infrastructure to support Forest Service business; including all types of radio, telephone, network, and information technology (IT) hardware, system and productivity software, training, and the Customer Help Desk.
  • CSO: Customer Service Office
    The CSO manages communications and outreach to all FS employees including customer relations and the internal and external website management services for the Agency.
  • PMO: Performance Management Office (PMO)
    Provides internal support services for the CIO including evaluating quality, measuring performance, coordinating and overseeing contracting, and supporting CIO budget and administrative needs.
  • Governance
    Provides overall policy, guidance, and direction to oversee the governance of FS information resource investments through the Information Resources Direction Board (IRDB) and other governing bodies. Governance is essentially a matter of formally establishing and communicating about decision and decision makers for information resources in the Agency.


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