Director Richard W. Sowa 703-605-4646
Deputy Director Lou Leibbrand 703-605-4646
Budget Vacant  
Assistant Program & Budget Coordinator Philomena West 703-605-4602
Engineering Reception Desk   703-605-4646
Assistant Director, Technology & Engineering Support Kurt Gernerd 703-605-4582
Program Management Analyst Vivian Shreve 703-605-4512
Fleet Equipment Mgmt Becky Hutchins (R6) 360-891-5212
Capital Asset Management Vacant 703-605-4512
Environmental Engineering Program Manager Kathy Adam 703-605-4524
Water/Wastewater Bob Kirkpatrick (R1) 406-329-3307
Hazardous Materials and Compliance Vacant 703-605-4531
Technology & Development and Special Projects Vacant 703-605-4525
San Dimas Technology & Development Center John Fehr 909-599-1267
Missoula Technology & Development Center Vacant 406-329-3900
Assistant Director, Capital Resources Ed James 703-605-4616
Geotech/Materials/Dams Vacant  
Facilities Engineering Kristine Smith 703-605-4613
Transportation System Development Ellen LaFayette 703-605-4509
Transportation System Structures Don Rivers (R2) 303-275-5172
Transportation System Operations and Maintenance Dan Hager 703-605-4612
Transportation System Planning Vacant 703-605-4617
FHWA Liasion/Streamlining Paul Anderson 703-605-4617
Engineering Information Management Misty Alvarez 703-605-4609
Assistant Director, Geospatial Applications Charles Dull 703-605-4595
Geospatial Services Program Manager Susan DeLost 703-605-4578
Staff Cartographer Betsy Kanalley 703-605-4575
Remote Sensing National Coordinator Everett Hinkley 703-605-4581
Assistant Remote Sensing Coordinator Bill Belton 703-605-4599
INFRA Manager Vacant 703-605-4571
INFRA Business Assistant Manager Suzan Hixson 703-605-1075
INFRA Technical Assistant Manager Paul Clemens 703-605-1175
INFRA Program Support Assistant Phyliss Murphy-Amos 703-605-4762

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Key Contacts

Forest Service Washington Office Engineering
Phone: (703) 605-4646
Fax: (703) 605-1542

To Mail to WO-Engineering via the US Post Office:
USDA Forest Service, Engineering Staff
Attn: Person's Name
1400 Independence Avenue SW,
Mailstop Code: 1101
Washington, DC 20250-1101

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USDA Forest Service, Engineering
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