Enterprise Program

Enterprise Units are Forest Service resources that offer an internal choice for the accomplishment of the agency’s work. These teams of dedicated Forest Service employees operate as independent, financially self-sustaining units funded by the clients who benefit from the products and services they offer. There are currently 17 Enterprise Units extending a wide range of offerings and employees located across the nation.

As the Enterprise Program enters its second decade exciting changes are in the wind. Explore the Enterprise Program Web site to learn more about this innovative program and how Enterprisers are caring for the land and serving people!

  • TEAMS Enterprise Unit Works with the City of New York
  • Enterpriser Honored with Award
  • Digital Visions Develops CASH
  • Enterprisers Honored with Award
  • Heritage Stewardship Group
  • Discovery Channel
  • Above and Beyond (A&B) Ecosystems Enterprise Team
  • Recreation Solutions Enterprise Unit
  • Mountain Heritage Associates (MHA) and TEAMS Enterprise Unit
  • ACT2 Enterprise Unit
  • Safety Systems Enterprises (SSE)
  • ACT2 Enterprise Unit


  • Regional Highlights
    Interested in the work Enterprisers are accomplishing in your area and beyond? We invite you to browse through our Regional Highlights – each featuring the valuable skills and expertise that can be found through the Forest Service Enterprise Program.