Fire & Aviation Management

About Us

The US Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management Program (FAM) is the international leader in the science and management of wildland fire. Our employees are professionals who share land management responsibilities with interagency partners and other Forest Service specialists from all natural resource disciplines. Through wildfire suppression, research, and the restoration of fire-adapted ecosystems, FAM supports the Forest Service’s strategic direction to restore resilient landscapes and promote firefighter and public safety

What We Do

FAM is deeply imbedded in the Forest Service mission. With partners in the public and private sectors, FAM is building a National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy to improve wildland fire management across all lands. With a focus on natural fire dynamics and risk management, FAM continually improves the management of wildland fire to protect communities and support healthy landscapes.

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Fire & Aviation Management
Phone: (202)205-1483
Wildfire information line: (208)387-5050