Legislative Affairs

Who We Are

The Legislative Affairs staff group falls directly under the External Affairs Officer, Office of the Chief, the agency’s Washington headquarters. The organization within legislative affairs is a Director, Deputy Director and as many as 9 Legislative Specialists.

What We Do 

The Legislative Affairs Staff works closely with WO Staff Directors and Deputy Chiefs whose activities are affected by pending legislation. The Legislative Affairs Staff is also responsible for coordinating input from other agencies in the Department, clearing positions on legislation through the Office of the General Counsel (OGC), and working closely on legislative matters with the Department's Office of Budget and Program Analysis (OBPA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and congressional affairs staffs in other Federal departments and agencies.

The Legislative Affairs Staff (LA) coordinates and administers Forest Service legislative affairs actives and Congressional relations. The staff provides legislative advice to the Chief and the Chief’s staff; coordinates legislative reports, testimony for hearings, and draft legislation; analyzes the need for new statutory authorities and presents proposed legislation; monitors congressional activities affecting the Forest Service; informs legislators and their staffs about issues affecting Forest Service responsibilities; and provides orientation training in legislative and political processes.

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