Minerals & Geology Management

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The Forest Service geology program has a key role in helping the agency to effectively achieve its mission of "Caring for the Land and Serving People." This role is to provide a basic scientific understanding of the earth--the "Land"--in particular the materials of which it is made and the geologic processes which have occurred and are in action today. This information is needed for ecologically based planning and for implementing a wide range of Forest Service land and resource management activities.


Our chief goals are to restore ecosystems and watersheds affected by past mining practices; to provide the geologic expertise and scientific information necessary for sustained forest management and for watershed health and restoration; to manage and protect paleontological resources; and to manage the vast and diverse mineral resources of the national forest in a fashion that ensures sustained ecosystems and maintains healthy watersheds. Exploration, development, and production of mineral and energy resources and reclamation of activities are part of the Forest Service ecosystem management responsibility. The Forest Service will administer its minerals program to provide commodities for current and future generations commensurate with the need to sustain the long term health and biological diversity of ecosystems.

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