National Partnership Office

About the National Partnership Office

An Office to Foster Community Engagement and Public/Private Innovation


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

Margaret Mead


The breadth and scope of conservation efforts in the United States exceed the capability of a single organization. The Forest Service recognizes the challenge and actively seeks to engage others in collaborative stewardship. By working with partners and stakeholders, the Forest Service expands its capability to participate in conservation through stewardship, research, and intergovernmental coordination.

What We Do

The National Partnership Office provides tools and expertise on how to create, maintain or improve partnerships within the Forest Service, as well as with outside organizations. The National Partnership Office provides assistance on multiple scales; from individuals to large organizations, governments to non-profits, rural to urban.

The Partnership Office works in these priority areas:

  • Relationships, Through the Hands of Others—The Partnership Office helps create new pathways for community engagement and collaboration in Forest Service projects and processes. We place measureable value on diverse coalitions, and in helping organizations and people connect with Forest Service programs and staff.
  • Policies that Enable—The Partnership Office promotes a partner-friendly atmosphere – bridging the art of relationships with the policies and formal, administrative processes we use to shape them.  We develop shared trainings and resources for program areas and agency-wide business acumen. We help to streamline internal processes to make them simpler and more effective. Working in partnership with the Department of the Interior land management agencies, we achieve results through Service First
  • Legislation That Empowers—The Partnership Office brings disparate legal authorities together to help create a clearer vision of the agency’s legislative direction.
  • Reaching New Constituents and Diverse Populations—The Partnership Office values, honors, and respects our lasting partnerships. We help foster contemporary partnerships that reach new and diverse groups.
  • Youth, Preparing for Their Inheritance—The Partnership Office connects with youth and young adults, and views them as our living legacy for public lands.  Together with academic institutions, service organizations, and other groups, we help create pathways to natural resource careers for young people of all backgrounds.


To learn more or submit a question:

Email the National Partnership Office  or contact Staff Assistant Jackie Bennett.