Parents & Teachers

A group of elementary aged students on a field trip in the national forest


Curriculum and Resource Boxes

In an effort to make environmental and conservation materials available to parents and teachers, the Forest Service provides access to a variety of tools. These resource boxes are available to borrow throughout the year.  You can check out all or any part of the following resource boxes from your nearest Forest Service Office.  

  • Sod Box- This box contains over 75 items relating to grassland cultural history, ecology, wildlife and plants. Use as a discovery center or to supplement your curriculum on grassland ecosystems.
  • Tree Trunk- Designed to reduce the time spent on locating games, books, puppets, posters and tree cookies so you can teach about trees using your existing curriculum. This trunk is ready to use as a discovery center in your classroom. 
  • Recycle Box- Seven activities with the curriculum are ready to use right out of the box.
  • Prairie Ecosystem Crate- This is an educational tool that we acquired from the National Wildlife Federation. It is designed for teaching children in grades K-8 about prairie wildlife, geology, soils, wetlands, fire, Native Americans, early settlers, etc. Some of the items included in the trunk are puppets, animal pelts and skulls, slides, books and videos.
  • Wilderness Box- The Wilderness curriculum is designed to provide classroom teachers, land managers and outdoor educators with an interactive resource to promote awareness and appreciation of the cultural, environmental, and experiential values of wilderness. The Wilderness curriculum is divided into three ranges of grade levels. Each level is composed of an overview section and five strands, from which lessons and activities follow.

Conservation Education Activities

Downloadable Activities for use in the classroom or at home