Forest Products Permits

Gathering Firewood

National Forests and Grasslands throughout the USDA Forest Service’s Northern Region will continue to offer free firewood and other forest product gathering for personal use for the remainder of 2020, but starting June 1 the agency is asking that the public first call to obtain a hard–copy permit in order to track harvesting and communicate important wildfire safety and collection information. Read more.

Personal use firewood permits purchased from the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests and community vendors allow permit holders to harvest dead trees and downed logs on National Forests and Bureau of Land Management public lands within USDA Forest Service Region 1 (North Idaho, Montana, and parts of the Dakotas). Firewood permits cost $5 a cord, with a four cord minimum ($20). A permit can be purchased for a maximum of 12 cords ($60). Remember to keep your permit with you at all times when harvesting and transporting firewood. Permits aren’t necessary for small amounts of campfire kindling. Firewood taken from National Forests is for personal use only and cannot be sold. Permits are valid from April 1 through March 31 annually. For more information on gathering firewood for personal use, please contact your local ranger station.

Harvesting Christmas Trees

It is a popular tradition to begin the holiday season with an outing to the forest to cut the family’s Christmas tree. Christmas tree permits are $5 each and are limited to three permits per family. A permit is required for each tree you are going to cut. The permits can be purchased from any Forest Service office or visitor center, as well as at several local vendors.

As a general rule, no special areas on the forest are designated for Christmas tree cutting. Please cut your tree at least 200 feet from well–traveled roads, flowing water, campgrounds, and recreation sites. Select your tree from thickets and overstocked areas and choose a tree that is the right size for your needs. Remember to attach a permit to each tree you cut before transporting it to your vehicle. Be aware of winter driving conditions while searching for your tree–pack tire chains, a first aid kid, and other emergency equipment. Dress in layers and bring plenty of food and water for the whole family! For more information about harvesting a Christmas tree on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, please contact your local ranger station.


Collecting rocks, say for backyard landscaping, requires a permit. Please contact your local Forest Service office for more information.

Community Vendors

A variety of local community vendors sell Forest Service passes, permits, and maps during their regular business hours. Many of these vendors may be open when Forest Service offices are closed, such as on weekends and federal holidays. Please click here for a current list of vendors and the services they provide.