Caring for your national forest and the needs of the people who use it is a big job. National Forests in North Carolina welcomes the help! No matter what your training, experiences, or area of interest, there likely is a volunteer position for you in a field that interests you—trail work, campground hosting, bird surveys, information receptionist, range conservation, wilderness restoration, conservation education, and others.

Volunteers are also eligible to earn a Forest Annual Pass or Permit by performing 250 hours of volunteer work in coordination with the Forest Service. Just be sure to contact your district office before you start to put in your volunteer time. Our national forests have a long, rich history which has led us to where we are today. Join us and be part of our heritage.

Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer

Volunteering can provide valuable experience and lifelong memories. Opportunities range from a single-day project to a long-term undertaking lasting for several months. The National Forests in North Carolina are a resource we all share. You may help fulfill the Forest Service mission, at the same time you:

  • Earn college credits with volunteer internships
  • Diversify your job experience
  • Provide community service
  • Increase your career choices
  • Meet people and form new friendships
  • Opportunities can be found be by checking Forest social media, contacting local ranger district offices, or exploring the links in the Quick Links section of this page