If you have any doubt about how gratifying and how much fun working outdoors in a national forest is, we invite you to come work with us and see for yourself. But let's be honest, the days are long and the work is often physically demanding, but there is always something anyone can do. Volunteers are also eligible to earn a Forest Annual Pass or Permit by performing 20 hours of volunteer work in coordination with the Forest Service. Just be sure to contact your district office before you start to put in your volunteer time. Our national forests have a long, rich history which has led us to where we are today. Join us and be part of our heritage.

Are you looking for ways to volunteer? There are several options to discover opportunities near you:


  • Call your local district office (office numbers are available here)
  • Look through opportunities at volunteer.gov.
  • Visit the Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretation Association website here
  • Sign up to volunteer through the Pisgah Conservancy here